Empowering the Local Workforce: Force’s Contribution to Community Development

Empowering the Local Workforce: Force's Contribution to Community Development

Communities are the heartbeats of our economies and the pillars of our society. They deserve a workforce that is as robust and diverse as they are. At Force Personnel Services, every move we make is for the upliftment of the very soil we stand on—the local Oklahoma City communities. To the job seekers out there, […]

What to Look for in Construction Staffing in 2024

What to Look for in Construction Staffing in 2024 Force Personnel

It’s no secret that the construction staffing industry is continually evolving. While currently being driven by emerging innovations,  it also faces issues caused by the disruptions of recent years.  These changes make it essential to anticipate future changes to stay ahead of the curve. Here at Force Personnel Services, we’re doing just that. We’re constantly […]